Sad but Sexual.

Even Stars Need Darkness to Shine.

how to tell if someone likes you

1. they don’t

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She watched all the movies
Sketched them out too
When she dreamt about princes
She thought about you

In truth, she’s a lost girl
But you took her hand
With trust, she flew with you
To a magical land

Like Peter and Wendy
You both would make due
Fighting pirates and thieves
Together and true

With every new sunrise
Adventure would begin
With every sad sunset
Another would end

She loved you so dearly
But you didn’t know
Too blind to see
Her love for you grow

Soon you grew tired
And then flew away
Leaving her stranded
On that island to stay

She never grew older
Her love never faded
You never returned
But for you, she waited

Over time you forgot her,
That magical place,
The adventures you shared,
And even her face

But she never forgot you
She’s still waiting here
If you hurry, you’ll find her
She needs you, my dear

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